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I've registered to say thank you for your titanium damascus experiments. I've been looking for information for years and your tries and efforts are the most informative to me,I've learned a lot. Can you please tell me,will I achieve success if I arc/mig weld the canister with titanium sheets inside? I've seen you TIG-welding them,but,unfortunately,I have no TIG in my shop.
I have mig welded some sheets in a can and forged them to a billet. you have to really minimize oxygen as any surface oxidation kills the weld. the next time I weld some in a can it will be with an argon gas flow through the billet to chase out oxygen. Basically a pipe welded to the can with a hole to allow argon flow.
Thank you for the reply,sir
White corundum use, brown corundum use, glass beads, steel shot useYou can consult me about sandblasting
Hi Gene...I'm finally making some headway...You'll be the second in line to get one of these. (the sheath maker's gonna make me a few sheaths for one of these in trade.) I hope to be starting on handles this week...

Thanks so much for your patience!
Gene Kimmi
Gene Kimmi
No problem. I'm just glad to see you able to get back into it. And I can already tell it will be worth the wait!
Hey Walt-
Bill Hubbell here. Life has kind of pulled me away from making knives but my heart is still in it. I think of you every now and then and sometimes wonder how you are doing. I was searching KD for some info today and saw that apparently you posted or something in August 2020. So, thought I'd rattle your cage. Hoping and praying that you and your loved ones are doing well!

Hold on cuz here comes 2021!