Zombie Killer Bush Swords, with forging and cutting video(s)

Discussion in 'Custom Knife Forum' started by Stormcrow, Jan 9, 2017.

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    Chris Thorn of the YouTube channel Drop Forged Survival has been doing a series of videos featuring the (fairly numerous) custom knifemakers around south Texas, including my buddy Tobin Nieto making and testing a seax with an elk leg bone handle.

    Chris also filmed me making a bush sword, as well as some cutting tests. I had a commission from a soldier for a bush sword with a sharpened top edge, so I built one for him and one for the video at the same time. After filming, the test blade got bought by a repeat customer at a discount. Winners all around. :D

    These bush swords are the two closest to each other that I've ever made. Both have 16 1/2" blades forged from 80CrV2 steel, fully sharpened top edges that shave hair, integral socket handles wrapped in epoxy-impregnated paracord, and Kydex sheaths.


    The soldier's rig got set up with a double-adjustable quick-detachable shoulder sling, while the test rig got a pair of MOLLE locks.


    The test blade did some water jug and coconut cutting as seen in the video below, then was put to real work chopping seasoned mesquite (which is part of the intended use of the other bush sword). The mesquite chopping will be featured in an upcoming video.



    Watching the video really drives home to me how much work goes into making a bush sword. And I'm the guy making 'em! :D
  2. Stormcrow

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    Here's the cutting video.


    That's some pretty good-sized mesquite that has been seasoning since it blew down in a big windstorm just before the Blade Show, so it was plenty hard. The ring of the blows echoed from the hills (literally) as I chopped. Since the soldier who ordered up the twin is wanting it in part to chop mesquite, it seemed like an appropriate testing medium.
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    I saw this video on my lunch and really enjoyed it. Thanks for showing your process. It's nice to see how others do their craft.

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