Zombie Hunting...

Church & Son

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http://teotwawkiblog.blogspot.com/ has a Apoc/Zombie weapon thing going on
and although we are extremely buzy at realjob couldn’t help but take a little time between trips to play….
From A 150 year old muzzle loading scattergun to VooDoo's fast shooter...
Calling out the Zombies with a little Bluegrass for bait….Fun times at the Redbud Forge.....


Wade Hougham

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Redbud looks like my kind of place. I like your guns but that bowie is sure an eye opener, NICE.
Really looks like you are ready to put a hurtin' on those zombies.


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....looks like all around good times to me. I mean what could be more endearing than good friends, good music, good weapons, and zombies to kill.

Church & Son

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Thanks Brothers....I'm gone all the time this time of year so surrounded by the ones you love..
and a little picking and shooting on a beautiful fall afternoon is very special......