Zipper Pouches (squishy and fluffy!)

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Hey guys

I have some of these pouches in the US and ready to ship
I have now 3 main sizes available, but for simplicity will group them into 2, "Folder", and "Large Wide" the folder has actually 2 sizes but also for sake of simplicity will sell both sizes as the smaller one of them (simple, right?)
These are built to endure and more importantly protect your knives, they come with 1" padding and faux fur interior.
Please not colors are random but they are either black or blue on the outside and black, gray, silver, or ivory on the inside
Large wide is aprox 14" x 5.5" $10 each + shipping
Folder is aprox 7" x 4" $5 each + shipping
those really are priced to sell! I am hoping with this low priced run I would find someone interested to buy in bulk (I can supply custom sizes)

Pics and videos are in this link, check out preview below