Zero Tolerance Folders


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I'm looking for a 'real world' report on ZT folders. The whole magilla. Edge retention, assist action, Q/C from the package, etc.


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I bought a ZT0350 which was just smaller than I like. Everything else looked great about it.

FRSTR8 EDCs one (and four Coye Ridgebacks) and swears by them all.

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What is feeling about the big nut on the pivot?
Sir, I would classify myself as merely a "troubled" individual of a rather large size. I do not see how that defines me as a "big nut.":D

Now back to our programming. Sere, that is exactly the info that I needed! In truth, I do not know if I will offer this brand to my clients, but I do want to get one as a 'test mule' for evaluation. But even with the price break, that's a lot of ching to spend on a maybe purchase.

I'm just filling in a hole in my inventory. I do carry Emersons, but many folks like a more traditionally shaped knife with a v-grind.


Nice review sir. What is feeling about the big nut on the pivot?
Excelent choise for this heavy knife. Its a simple solution but easy to adjust. The pivot itseld including the nut are solid. Not hollow. The nut stays in place and does not rotate or get lose by itself. The only minus point is that it tares down your jeans/pants ;-)

It you dont mind the blade getting worn down while using in time (damaging the tiger stripes) its a great knife. I red a lot of positive feed-backs on this knife.


I own three: a 301, a 350, and the new 551. The 301 is built by a tank and very durable. To be honest, I haven't used the 350, it's the limited elmax steel model and I just bought it to stick in the collection. The 551 is actually arriving tomorrow, so I can't speak much on that yet either. So, regarding the 301, it's big - even by my standard, and I like big folders. Quality is excellent. I really have nothing negative to say about it other than some people will find it to be to large to carry comfortably in a pocket. Here's the thing with ZT that will probably get me in trouble with other knife guys, but it's just as I see it: I also have 1 Strider SMF ( but I've owned 4 striders ), and three Chris Reeve folders ( 2 Sebs, and 1 Umnum ). The ZT 300 / 301 / 302 is every bit as solid as either the Strider or CR, as well built and durrable, and they sell for half the price - bottom line. I love the look of Strider, but their QC stinks in my experience - that's taking into account what they cost. There simply isn't any excuse for a 4 to 500 dollar knife to be so inconsistant with sharpness, lock up, and blade centering, but striders have issues. That's why I prefer CR between the two - very good QC, but not as sexy looking as a Strider. Along comes ZT: The build is as solid as Strider or more so, although again not quite as sexy IMO, and the QC from the number of ZT's I've handled is top shelf. Bottom Line: When compared with the competition from all makers, it's very hard to get more knife for the money than is offered from ZT.


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I have 25 ZT's currently, and I think they are pretty fantastic. Some of them are safe queens, but most are in my EDC rotation.