You know you’re getting old when…


Your teeth start to get so loose you can just yank them out yourself when they get infected.

… don’t try this at home. LOL



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Tai, You should have warned us about the picture! LOL I like the rusty forceps you used. You better drink some beer to sterilize the open socket.

My comment for today is,
You know you are getting old when you are reading this thread!:biggrin:



I had this tooth that was getting loose for a while and giving me some problems. It finally got infected so,... I decided to try yanking it out myself. I don't think there's any laws against it... LOL

... almost chickened out a couple times, but now I'm glad I did it that way.

First I lanced and drained it. That part hurt worse than the yanking. On the first pull, I was surprised it didn't come out real easy, and said to myself, "Do you really want to do this?". So, then I just decided to pull it a bit harder. That worked! Then I rinsed my mouth out with hydrogen peroxide and sucked on the hole to bleed it out real good. It did that and then stopped bleeding within minutes... no big deal I guess, just never have done it before. My jaw feels much better already.

I used the forceps in the pic to get a hold of it. I had them in my tool box in the shop. LOL

I might make myself a piece of jewelry with it. I have it soaking in hydrogen peroxide right now to whiten it up.

Hey! I saved my self a trip to the dentist,... hee hee hee
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My memory has gotten so bad that I typed a new post here, then went back and saw that I had already posted it a week or so ago.
You all almost had to endure that one again.