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Hi Ed! Got my XL stick today and used it tonight. I like it a lot!! Having more surface area I can put more pressure on the knife. With the base of the triangle being bigger it is also more usable. I loved my small stick and used it on almost every knife I made. I didn’t think the larger size would make that much difference but it certainly does. Tell Tim he did a great job on this. It awesome!!


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Hey everyone! We just popped this post on our facebook page, and want to make sure to share it here as well for anyone who bought our pre-order "XL"s!


Ladies and Gentlemen, as you know recently we raised our prices due to the rising tariffs. That was very frustrating for us because our goal is to be a help to new knife makers and professionals alike, making our tools affordable to any maker in any season of their career is important to us. SO! We went on a hunt. We bought some materials and tried them out, unfortunately, wasted some money on a few bad materials, and landed on one that is made HERE IN THE USA, and is excellent quality matching the quality of the materials we used previously.

SO! In saying that we are proud to announce we are REMOVING our tariff prices!

Before I continue telling you this we need to cover something important:

As you know we sold about 7 or 8 orders under these tariff/preorder prices. This means we personally feel we owe a few of our clients who purchased our pre-order pricing, a $3 refund to make up the difference of this new change. If you purchased one of our items while they were listed as a "pre-order" price, please leave a comment on our facebook or email us at knifemakertraining@gmail.com so we can Paypal you your $3 refund. Thank you so much for purchasing and we want to make sure we treat you as fairly as possible!

In saying that let us share our new pricing with everyone now that the tariff pricing has been removed!

"Original" Sanding Stick: $19.95
"Original" Buy Two Get One Free: $39.90
"XL" Sanding Stick: $24.95
"XL" Buy One Get One Half Off: $37.43
The Sanding Stick "SET" (Original and XL) $43.90
$8.95 for USPS flat rate shipping

We hope this shows our desire to help makers get the best tools for your project and make them as affordable as possible. We never want any of our friends/clients to feel cheated by these changes in price as we seek for excellent quality at a balanced price.

God bless and we cant wait to see you make something beautiful with your new Ed Caffrey Signature Series Sanding Sticks!

UPDATE: We have emailed all the clients who purchased our pre-order price, if you are not sure if you are one of them, please check your email and spam box for our email. Thanks!
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