For sale - Fixed Blade WWll PAL 36 knife - Navy Edition for sale.

I buy and sell knives. have a nice Pal 36 in what my Navy Friends tell me is the Navy Model in good condition. Has a nice patine and is used but not abused.
IMG_3765.JPG IMG_3768.JPG

Pal Blade and Tool bought the Remington cutlery tooling and machines in early 1941 - around January. They moved the machines to a building in Holyoke, Mass and were able to begin production of knives by June of 1941. So the RH-36 (Remington Hunting Blade Style 3 Blade Length 6 inches) was in production prior to the beginning of the war. PAL received a number of US government knife contracts during World War II and produced thousands of combat knives during the war years. Pal went out of business in 1953.
This is famous WWII U.S. Government Issued combat fighting knife weapon with the original leather sheath that my Navy friends say is the Navy version because of the red handle spacers. This classic knife also makes a great hunting knife and has a tight stacked leather ring handle grip, steel pommel, and clip point encapsulated full tang carbon steel blade. This knife is approx. 75 years old and is still in very good condition. The sheath is also in good condition, the keeper strap has ben replaced. This knife measures 10 3/4" with a 6" blade and in the sheath the weight is 11 oz. Study the photos as this is the knife you will receive.
Will sell to a Knifedog member for $115. Listed on for $135. I also buy knives.