Wrought Iron for trade

Bob Urban

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I have an unlimited supply of 100+ year old wrought iron. My friend who's shop I work out of is one of the only people(shops) in the country that still uses hot rivets to erect iron and travels around the country rebuilding old, decomissioned bridges. We have mountains of wrought in 1" and 2" round stock as well as plates and much more. Will trade for most anything knife making and black smithing. Tools both power and hand, 2x72 belts, steel, micarta, wood, bone - anything for scales.

Would like a steel bandsaw, wheels for a grinder or other atachements, hammers, Tongs, forge, anvil, even knives, guns, ???, who knows - all I know is I have a lot.

PM me if there is any interest

Bob Urban

Added photos - when I say I have a ton of wrought it is an understatement - not a figure of speech. everything in the photos is 100+ year old wrought from old truss bridges and this is just the tip of the iceberg. 1" round, 2" round, Square, plate, rivets, you name it - If everyone on KD's decided to make wrought san mia blades for a year I would still have plenty and there is always more coming.

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What kind of shape is it in ?? pitted much or is it ground ? I would be interested in some of the wrought iron plates . I dont need a ton of it but, I like to clad with it , good to make sanmai with . Drop me a pm and we can talk ...... Bubba-san

Kip Kaiser

Hey Bob,
I'll be in the Mason area in July, send me a PM with your phone # and some things you may want to trade for and I will give you a call.