Would love some feedback on my first knife design


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Need some feedback, guys. New design I’ve been developing and wanna know what people think before I make a large batch. 3 3/4” chisel ground (have made a few Sabre ground also)wharncliffe blade and 8” overall. The one pictured is very unfinished and a little rough around the edges at the moment, however I’m mostly wanting to know what everyone thinks of the overall design. Feedback I’ve gotten thus far that I plan on utilizing on further renditions of this design is canting the handle a little more upwards so that it is above the edge for better use on flat surfaces. Any more useful feedback like this or what you like or dislike about it would be greatly appreciated.

Gene Kimmi

Changing the angle of the handle is a good idea. I like to round the spine and finger choil/back of the ricasso. I don't like any sharp edges on the blade except for the one that's meant to be. With a chisel grind, bevel on one side only, the knife pictured would be for a left handed person, right?

Chris Railey

If the most forward small hole is for a pin I believe you would find that it is too far forward toward the ricasso. But that is really more of an issue of preference.
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