Work in progress

Rusty McDonald

Just started on this one a couple of days ago after I got the pattern working for me. Should be done in a day or so just needs the scale pins and the shield pinned on and some polishing/hand sanding.
Oh yeah! it's D2 about 6 1/2 overall with a 3" blade, some premium Desert Ironwood. these pics sux but the detail in this piece of wood is amazing.spring is set so even the most feminine of manly men can open it. bout a 5 or a 6 on my scale. these are phone pics because the battery in my camera decided not to charge anymore.


Ken Hurst

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Good lines, flows well ---- in short, a fine looking knife that anyone ehould be proud to own.

Chris Martin

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Pics dont do this justice at all. I can tell this is a nice lookin blade brother. I agree +1 for new camera battery.:D

Well done2thumbs Love the DI handles.

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Frank Niro

I love that folder, Rusty !!! It has such "good lines" as Ken Hurst said. I agree that you need a new phone, though. Frank


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Those darn Blackberrys just don't cut it Rusty. However, even with the Blackberry photos we can tell it's a dang nice knife. Great job.

Denny Eller

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Good looking knife, Rusty. At least I think it is. How about a better picture if you get a chance. Would love to see it.


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Looks fantastic and since this is the shop talk part of the forums what is the jig it is sitting on for?


Sean Cochran

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Looking good Rusty, swayback is one of my favorites.
BTW I cant tell by looking, is the jig just a rise and fall, how do you use it to set the spring length. I have had some trouble getting the spring length just right.