Wood Block Giveaway

Dennis Morland

I recently cut up some wood blocks and sent them to KMG for stabilization. I had way too many so some blocks did not make the trip to Arizona. Their loss is your gain. As such, I will giveaway ten (10) sets of four (4) blocks. I may have a few more, but I need to clear out a few sets to see where I will end up.

From left to right is unstabilized maple, walnut, oak and cottonwood. All of them are 1 to 1.25 inches thick, 1 1/2 inches wide and around 5 inches long.

I will send complete sets of one (1) block each. I do not want to take any orders for any other combination. Try a little of everything. . . on me!

These are not top notch, AAAA graded, burl wood. But they are good solid blocks with decent grain patterns. They will make a solid knife handle. All are unstabilized, unstained and untreated. Ready for use.

My belief is that some of the beginners on this site, need to get a set. More accomplished makers are probably not interested as the blocks are relatively plain looking. But, anyone can request a set for their own.

I can fit 4 blocks in a small flat rate box and put it in the US mail for $5.00. I will even pay the postage. This will be for Continental US only as I do not know if they will get through customs.

The first ten people to post that they want a set will get one. You will need to pm your mailing address.

Good luck.



I'd love the walnut, maple, or cottonwood! Very generous of you and as a beginner its very much appreciated. I learn a lot from the site and people like you make it that much more enjoyable. THANKS!

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Dennis Morland

I still have four more to give away. If you want one - just let me know.

Otherwise, I will get them all boxed up this weekend and sent out next week.

Please save me another trip to the post office and claim one this week.


Dennis Morland

James - you are in.

Hey Everyone! I boxed these up last night. I had enough to get twelve (12) sets. Seven (7) of them have been claimed. I have five (5) more to give away.

If you have any interest. Just claim one so I only have to go to the post office in one visit.

I will be mailing out early next week for all that have made a claim so far.