Women Knifemakers - Add To My List


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Women Knifemakers - Add To My List

I'm posting this to bring some awareness to the knifemaking community, to maybe inspire women members (& lurkers) & for my own personal benefit. I'm shocked at how little information there is & I'm amazed at the artistry and craftsmanship of the Women Knifemakers I found from around the World. This list took some time to put together, sadly I could only find 28 Knifemakers and I don't have websites for everyone. What I did notice is that quite a few have Husbands that are Knifemakers.:les:
If you can add to it, please do.
1. Knifedog - Darci :biggrin:
2. Harumi Hirayama http://www.ne.jp/asahi/harumi/knives
3. Kathleen Tomey http://www.tomeycustomknives.com
4. Linda Ferguson http://www.fergusonknives.com
5. Silvana Mouzinho http://www.silvanaartknives.com
6. Dianna Casteel http://www.casteelcustomknives.com
7. Grace Horne http://www.gracehorne.co.uk
8. Stéphanie Mottais http://stephanie-mottais.com
9. Lynn Dawson http://www.dawsonknives.com
10. Dellana http://www.dellanadesigns.com
11. Haley DesRosiers http://www.alaskablades.com
12. Audra Draper http://draperknives.info
13. Chantal Gilbert http://www.chantalgilbert.com
14. Sharla Hansen http://shansenknives.com
15. Heather Harvey http://www.heavinforge.co.za
16. Elizabeth Loerchner http://ecloerchner.com
17. Gail Lunn http://www.lunnknives.com
18. Julie Warenski-Erickson http://www.curtericksonknives.com
19. Paula Eisler
20. Barbara Baskett
21. Carolyn Tinker
22. Paula Anzel
23. Lora Sue Bethke
24. Judy Gottage
25. Marina farao
26. Junko Fong
27. Daisy Zeng
28. Dee Hedges


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That's quite cool to see that list grow of Lady makers.
I think it has to do with how dirty and dangerous knife making is?

I think Women tend to gravitate towards other Arts that won't destroy their hands and get them so darn dirty.
Plus Women tend be more nurturing & healing than wanting to make potential weapons.

What are your thoughts on this?




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Hi Laurence,

I can only speak for myself, but I think that there would be more women knifemakers if they had access to the tools and knowledge without the initial expense. It's hard to justify the expense if you're not sure knifemaking is for you. Power tools are intimidating if you've never been around them. I get dirty cleaning and cooking (glad I'm past dirty diapers!) & have been badly burned from cooking, so I don't think that's the problem.

I get great satisfaction in making things with my hands. I'm very passionate about the loss of skilled artists & the craftsmanship that is being replaced by machines. Take a look at anything that was made 40 - 50+ years ago. Things were built to last & people were proud to put their name on their product.

I don't consider knives - weapons. They can be. So can a pen. I think knives are beautiful, functional tools and I like making them more beautiful. The variety of styles, the different materials they are made from, the different functions they serve are mind boggling and people are still coming up with new ideas!



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Cathy,I agree that anything can be a Weapon
It's just that the fairer sex tends to go towards things less lethal looking.
Also why the majority of my Santoku knife buyers are women, that rounded nose with little or no point.

Stop by my retail shop sometime, You can get dirty with me in the back making knives like you never have cooking or cleaning! :biggrin:



Steven Janik

Thanks for this thread. We tried a Lady KnifeDog Forum and it gets little activity.
Anything that can be done to bring more ladies into our fold can only make things better.
Of course, being men, WE have no idea what women actually want or need.

Myself, I don't understand why the best kitchen knives around are made or at least designed by ladies?

Which brings me to an old joke.
A man found a genie bottle on a beach and rubbed it. The genie offered one wish and the man wanted a bridge built to Hawaii because he was afraid of boats and planes. When the genie denied him this because it was too near impossible, the man said, OK, my next wish would be to have the knowledge to always know what a woman wants, needs or feels. The genie quickly asked, did you need that bridge 2 lane or 4 lane?



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Laurence, I see your point. Again, I think it's the intimidation factor. Hold a class at your shop showing the ladies how to properly use a sharp pointed knife and its advantages, maybe you'll sell more knives to them. Personally, I don't mind getting dirty.

No apologies needed. I agree, Men are more like Dogs and Women are more like Cats. I'd like to see more women on this forum also. The first thing that drew me here was the No Drama/No Swearing Policy. Everyone has been very kind and helpful to me here and I appreciate it! Thank YOU!