WIP pics of a skinner I'm making for a guy


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I'm making a skinner for a fellow that was generous enough to pay for my work, and last night he requested pics to show his coworkers. This knife IS NOT finished, but I thought I might as well show them here since I posted to his e-mail...

Steel: 1084
OAL: 8.25"
Handle material: ND Black walnut
Pins: Mosaic from Jantz 1/8"
Blade finish: Rough satin that he requested

The finish on the blade is ROUGH and looks BUTT UGLY IMO! But, he and I played with a few pieces of steel and this is what he wanted. His thoughts are that this looks like a custom knife blade that has been used a lot.

I sanded to 800 from the plunge area forward (left the area behind the plunge untouched), buffed to almost mirror, and then haphazardly hit will 00 steel wool in a circular motion to get the "used" look. He's happy, so I will be as well since it's paid for! :biggrin:

Need to remove a bit of epoxy and tweak and it'll be ready for him... After I sharpen of course! :rolleyes:







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Thanks guys!

I was told this afternoon to NOT sharpen it... :what!: He wants the flat edge left on it since he is going to display it on his coffee table and is afraid the grandkids might cut themselves... So, this is getting easier with each e-mail! :biggrin:

This is the 3rd knife he has bought from me (in the last year), so I'm sure when someone asks why it isn't sharp he can show them one that is...

Gonna make the display base this evening since he no longer wants a sheath for it.