Winter/Spring Road Projects

Church & Son

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Getting old suks kids...Recouping from shoulder surgery two weeks ago and back at work already...Hurts terrible but don't have time to be down now...Maybe forging by mid-summer..
Anyway some of my "road work" from last show season...Used to carry a bag of knife stuff with me but TSA started getting less than happy about it...A beaded knife sheath without a knife in it is still considered BAD....

Some Strike a Lite bags...

This one for my Lovely Bride of 23 years...The only thing I've ever made she asked for...Maybe I'm getting better...or she figgers I won't be here very much longer, better take something!!

A 'Smarter than me" phone case and the black one, I got bored one night and beaded my bogyglove holder...Kydex is some rough beading....

A couple of "Gourd Rattles"....

A Pocket Watch Case...

And a Bamboo Flute and Bag...

Everything was taken from original pics or museum pieces and replicated to the best of abilities...Pretty neat all of the leather/rawhide this winter was mine I had tanned last fall...The gourds, wood, homebrew dyes was all grown or picked here at the Redbud...

Because of the shoulder deal I'll have to renig on the KITH this spring, sorry was looking forward to putting together a rusty/crusty for it...Haven't said much lately but I always read everything....
..Wanted ya'll to know I was still kicking...just slower.....Randy
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Randy, that is some really nice stuff you got there. I love beadwork and tassles and you nailed 'em.
Sorry about your shoulder, I understand pain. Take care of yourself Brother!

Wade Hougham

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I had shoulder repaired in 2007, got back to about 90%. Good enough to do what I like.
You have some great looking road work. I like it all but that little watch holder just turns my crank.


Church & Son

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Thanks Eric, Troy and Wade..
.just turns my crank
.Thats just wrong...

Shoulder is already a lot better, for the last month haven't been able to raise my arm...
Now my other one hurts from overusing it...
When my Dad was about 70 he had a knee replacement, he had trouble with it since he froze in Korea in '52.....
Doctor asked him how it was about a month after surgery...
Pop told him he needed the other one done, the new one was faster and he walked in circles!!
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jonathan creason

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Your bead work just keeps getting better and better, Randy. Hope the shoulder heals up soon and you can get back to swinging the hammer.

Church & Son

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Thanks James and Jonathan....Rust never sleeps Jonathan, be swinging again soon..Now I'm trying to figger out how to play the flute and pick banjo at the same time...Dillon done it with harmonica and guitar, need more hands......
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Randy that's a beautiful collection of work your showing. Hope you get back to normal. We cant lose your type of work. Its GREAT. KT