William Scagel knives


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I’m amazed at the work this maker accomplished back in the day. He must have been a character. Hated electricity and did most of his work with handmade tools.
Evidently his knife work is what inspired Bo Randall to start making knives.
I believe some of Scagel knives go for 4 and 5 $k, some much higher.
His work is definitely unique. I’m beginning to reall appreciate his work as an artist and skilled craftsman.
There are several makers that do Scagel style knives. I think I may try one soon.
Here is an example of his work.6894CB69-20FA-4842-8FE0-D6750394A444.jpg


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An interesting bit of history and certainly a unique individual, thanks for sharing.


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The late Dr. Jim Lucie knew Bill Scagel and was briefly his doctor. he wrote a book on Scagel i like 2010.