Will trade for...Golf fans please look.

Chris Railey

Every year when I work The Masters Tournament I end up with some cool golf swag. So this year I thought I would do something cool and see if I could get a good trade going. This year I have the official embroidered 2019 pin flag, a very rare 2019 Masters Berckmans Place pin, a new never issued spectators guide, a special edition Masters Journal which you cannot buy in stores and a 2019 Masters glass with all previous champions listed. To give it all provenance I have included my Masters Working Pass for the historic day Tiger won it all. For trades I am intetested in knife making materials (or knives) especially handle materials or mosaic pins etc. PM me if you want to try and come up with an equitable trade.B3B5D312-0E0B-4048-8B30-43E039320BD1.jpeg