Who likes Desert Ironwood?


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I am liking it more and more every time I use it on a knife. Whether it is burl or high contrast or just "plain", it has a glow that nothing else has.

Here are two different knives I just finished up, both with really nice Ironwood handles. The first one is my new model "Compact" scout with a 3.5"
blade and the second is my full size scout with a 4 3/8" blade.
Both have CPM 154 blades that have a nice stonewashed finish with polished spines. The pins a carbon fiber and the lanyard tubes are copper.

Any and all comments welcome!

the larger one....


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Ben, Beatiful knife!! I too LOVE ironwood!! :) Its always amazing and impressive. Like your knives and photos!!!


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Silly question!
All knife makers love Ironwood! LOL
very cool looking handle and I like the way the handles flare with the tapered tang in your belly pics.



Those are great looking knives! Desert Ironwood is my third most favorite handle material to use and my #1 to collect. It's normally to pretty to use!


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Great looking knives and beautiful ironwood. Its a bit hard to get good looking iornwood here in Aussie. but I love to use it when I can.