White Cat Bone


Here's a few shots of a sterling silver and cougar femur knife handle I've been working on, to go with the black "ebonized" one from the other end.

It'll pair up with this one,... like "Ebony and Ivory".


Calvin Robinson

Moderator Christian Forum
Wow,how rare is that? A cougar leg bone! Great concept Tia,I like them.
We don't have cougars here in Florida,we have panthers but the FWC frowns on us killing them.


Thanks Calvin.

We have them here, but I don't hunt them or know anyone that does.

You can find them occasionally come up for sale through bone and taxidermy dealers. Wolf femurs are very similar. They also come up occasionally. I recently saw a rare real human femur for sale, $300,… cool, but kind of expensive and I've heard they can carry contagious diseases which you can catch through the sanding dust. I was a bit tempted though… ;)

The cougar, wolf femurs and the likes aren’t usually expensive,… but rare and hard to find in good solid professionally cleaned or fresh condition.