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Well some here don’t think that I have a tuff job.

The pay is good, the hours are good, but the benefits ….. well there are just too many to list.

But yesterday my boss comes up to me and wants me to run an errand with him at LUNCH ! Can you believe he would have the gall to ask me to do this at lunch?
So I grab my hat and we’re out the door.

We’re driving down the road talking about this bird that we had both seen the day before sitting in this one area and low and behold it’s there. So we stop on the freeway I get a photo of it with my phone. We finish the errand which took about 15 minutes and I tell my boss that I know somebody real close to where we were that could tell us about this bird. He just happens to own the White Pig Inn Barbeque:3:

So we go there and show him the photo and he gets this big-ole grin on his face and wants me send him the photo. He said that it was pretty rare to see this one down this far south except for during a really cold and long winter and she would be gone in a couple of days. He had seen it the day before also and wanted to get photos of it.

So we get something to eat while we’re there. I have a jumbo pulled pork sandwich with french fries, coleslaw, bake beans, with a big glass of ice tea. Boy was I ready to get back to my desk and relax for a while, you know catch up on what happened on Knife Dogs while I was gone. Oh yea, boss pays :biggrin:

But NO as soon as we get back he grabs the camera and says lets go! So we spend the next two and a half hours chasing this thing in a 2-mile area. It was 3:30 in the afternoon before I made it back to my desk.

I know it’s a tuff job, But somebody has to do it.

I’ve lived here all of my life and this is a first for me.

A White Hawk





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Must be rough being a spoon fed errand boy (yeah, I'm jealous).

Nice pics!


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Weren't no spoon.
I used a fork for my beans and slaw:biggrin:

Just received an e-mail from the hawk guy.
"Todd, Outstanding! Is albino or light melanistic. Pretty rare. I am checking. I think the trapping season suspended Feb 28th for the nesting season. If not we may go trap to get an in hand look. Will let you know. Thanks these photos are real keepers!


We had seen two different hawks about 3 miles apart.



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I guess now you'll be trapping hawks on your lunch break.
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Very cool!! I trapped a dark phase Ferruginous hawk once that is also very rare. The other cool bird was a Gyrfalcon that made it down this far south. Made the mistake of telling a birder and the next day counted 23 vehicles on my range watching her. So keep it under your hat!!!


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May even be Ole Cootes full of Old Crow from time to time. Wait, I'm thinkin of Wayne.