which etcher works well ?

Greg Obach

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I'm looking for an etcher that will put my mark on a knife, and do it very well
not interested in homemade stuff, i've got no time to fool around

i was going to get the etchomatic ...but i've been warned by several people that they often don't work well

any help would be appreciated... seems like reading the old posts is not helping... the advice is all over the place


Mike Carter

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I used a Etch-O-Matic for years. It works but has it's flaws. The head is large and it is hard to make a mark close to a guard. It is a self contained unit and a bit of a pain to disassemble for cleaning.

I switched to a Personalizer Plus and I like it much better. It is more expensive but it gives you much more control. You can adjust the power as needed. The etching part is much smaller and will fit in tight places better and it is very simple to remove the felt for cleaning. I find that I am getting much more crisp and clean marks with the Personalizer.
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I've got an older Marking Methods machine. Has AC and DC settings. Works much better than my etch-o-matic ever did.

Rudy Joly

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+1 on the Marking Methods machine.
Before that I used a 6/12 volt battery charger for years with good results. My marking head was a piece of 5/8" aluminum rod with a piece of an old flannel shirt for a pad. There are a lot of choices now, just about every supplier advertises a machine.


Diamond G Knives

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I use the Personalizer Plus also with no regrets.

I agree totally on the quality of the stencil. I would suggest Ernie Grospitch (sp) do a search on KD and you will find him. Top notch work and an all around Great Guy!

God Bless

Greg Obach

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I'm gonna order the personalizer plus, after looking into it after all the recommendations ... sounds great ! and I'll definitely try some of Ernies stencils

thanks again


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+1 For the personalizer Plus!

Jantz supply has the best deal around on the Marking Methods Personalizer Plus.
Better than buying from M.M. direct. I do get my stencils from M.M. and have always been happy.


I found a Lectroetch model V on Ebay some years back and can not say enough about it. I've been in electronics 20 years and the Etching power unit really is a very simple design. This unit is rated at 10 amps with an alternating circuit which pulsates the current. It does an etch very fast and deep. I think the power rating and alternating circuit really makes these units stand out over others.

Note: Some rated units say they can do higher amps, but without a meter you are taken their word for it.



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It takes almost no amps to etch, so a higher powered unit is unnecessary.

I think my transformer is rated at less than 1 amp, and I get GREAT marks.


I built the one from Chris Crawfords site, had nothing but trouble until I bought stencils from ERNIE GROSPITCH, now it works great.


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I have no experience with Jantz Supply but Boss also sells the Personalizer Plus at a great price. I have had nothing but great service and help from them. I will be buying one from them when funds allow.


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I have a cheap etch-o-matic but ernie grospich stencils and ive only used one stencil in 300 knives . I just started using my second stencil. kellyw