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Discussion in 'Knife Maker Shop Talk' started by murphda2, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. murphda2

    murphda2 Super Moderator and KD Blade Show Boss

    I've acquired quite a bit of steel over the past couple of months and most of it has slight warpage to it. When visiting Jerry Bond a few weeks back, he showed me his cure for warped steel. He heats the bar in his forge then presses it between his quenching plates to straighten it. The process worked great and seems to be a cure to my warped steel problem.

    I'm now in the market for a gas forge. Eventually I'll find an anvil and be able to begin forge work as well. So.............where do I find a good forge at a good price. I've seen alot of farrier's forges at reasonable prices, but I've read where many smith recommend using a forge with a cylindrical chamber to optimize heat. I've seen numerous tutorials and blue prints for the style of forge I'm wanting but have yet to find them for sale.

    Any advice or resources you guys can share?
  2. stabber

    stabber Knife Dealer Extraordinaire

    Indian George will make one for you2thumbs
  3. Diamond G Knives

    Diamond G Knives Well-Known Member

    Id recommend doing a bit of research and building your own. They are very simple to build and can be done fairly cheap. There are several demos on the forums, Ray Rogers over on Knifenet has a good tutorial. If you need it, shoot me a PM I got a Lot of material from my last build.

    God Bless
  4. Indian George

    Indian George Well-Known Member

    I'll be making up a few when I get caught up on knife orders. I know Bubba Sr. you will get the first one.soldit1ride safe Did you checkout my tutorial on building one?????
  5. Denny Eller

    Denny Eller Well-Known Member

    Murph, if you decide to make your own Ellis Custom Knifeworks has all the material you'll need in the way of refractory supplies.
  6. silver_pilate

    silver_pilate Well-Known Member

    Darren Ellis has all the materials you'll need, and he also sells complete forges. My 8" diameter horizontal pipe forge from Ellis came in yesterday. It's a beaut and comes with everything you need to line it. I'm waiting on one more box today that will hopefully have the instrutions. :)

    Once I get the forge lined, I will set up my PID control system and get the thing running! I've got 22 feet of Don Hanson's W2 that has been calling my name. :D

  7. Doug Lester

    Doug Lester Well-Known Member

    You can probably make one for less than it takes to buy one, even if you have to purchase a ready made burner. The problem with most of the commercially made gas forges is that they are made for the general blacksmith or farier and shoot the flame right down onto the work instead of swirling the flame around it. This is not bad for the blacksmith or making horse shoes but not great for the bladesmith because it causes hot spots. If you purchase a gas forge, let a bladesmith build it for you. You were alread give two good names.

    Doug Lester
  8. Rusty McDonald

    Rusty McDonald KNIFE MAKER

    Uncle Al makes blown forges. The Chili forges are incredible I've used one before and they get freaking hot! and there is always the NC whisper forges, Mike Ruth uses them and makes Damascus with them so I know they get plenty hot but they have a fiber board bottom and will need changing if you make damascus.
    I Made mine with the help of a welder/knifemaker friend down the street. Before you say anything yes it's an old Propane tank that was taken out of service because of a leak. and I use a Hair drier for a Blower with a gate valve to control it.
  9. Jim Coffee

    Jim Coffee Well-Known Member

    hi murph. check out ebay item #380173482639 small gas forge. looks nice
  10. Sean Cochran

    Sean Cochran Well-Known Member

    I would build one. Its nots as hard as you would think. I used IG's plans, they are easy to follow and the materials dont cost that much. Darren Ellis is a good guy to deal with, all you have to do is tell him what size forge you are building and he will figure everything you need.

    Tell you what, Ive got a piece of 7" X 12" pipe that Ill give you to get you started. Let me know if you are interested.

  11. Jerry Bond

    Jerry Bond Well-Known Member

    Hay Murph,
    I have the single burner Chili forge and it gets about 2300,
    but blows straight down. Has a bad hot spot--When you get one, by all means, get one that swirls around the interior. Good luck--Jerry

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