What's your dream workshop?

I want to hear what the dream workshops are of other knife makers on here. You can be as specific as giving details about each piece of equipment(and price, I'm really curious about that) from bands saws to strip lighting, if you so desire. Or you can be vague. Just curious to see!


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I can't help but think the answers depend upon what the individual has had. I know it does for me... It also depends upon what you're making/want to make. I'd like:
A shop with plenty of room for some separate work areas (forging, grinding, finishing)
A shop with LOTS of outlets and wired for 220, not just 110...like I currently have...
LOTS of lighting, both from above and work station lighting
A better forge, maybe one with a ribbon burner because it intrigues me
Bigger anvil
Hydraulic press
Surface grinder to go along with the mill
A horizontal grinder to go with the KMG and disc grinder
A nice sized heat treat oven
Ohhhh, and a nice MIG welder and a plasma cutter....
And to finish things off, a nice big air compressor and blast cabinet

It's good to dream, right...? :)



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the short answer would be a workshop filled with all the requirements to make light sabers.


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Short answer for me....more room, and better lighting. And maybe someone to follow me around cleaning up my messes.

Ed of all trades

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I want a huge shop with room for everything. I want to have a room for grinding and forging, a room for finishing and a room for leather work. I also want room for a good lathe, mill and shapper, ect. Next I want room for my sharpening equipment. (I have a sharpening shop in storage) I also want room for a fab shop and wood working. I wonder how many acres it would take. I almost forgot I need a place to work on my cars and I want it all with heat and AC. Think I'll hold my breath and see if it happens. Ed

John Wilson

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i just want a corner in Ed's dream shop!

Seriously, I would also love a clean room in the shop for leather work or any clean work, with air conditioning.

The biggest dream I have is that I could have fresh air and no mosquitos at the same time.

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All of this in the backyard of course:
40X40 steel building with gantry crane and 300A 3 phase power, new haas vf2, gotta have a few bridgeports, haas st 10 with a motorized tool post, grinding room split between precision grinders(od grinder and surface grinder) and bench mount(horizontal and vertical), humidity and temp controlled inspection/clean room with dedicated tools to that room, MASSIVE dust collection setup, 2 shop monkeys, a bathroom with a shower, and finally a loft bedroom.

You did say dream shop right?