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Gene Kimmi

Saw this on a video I was watching. Blade taped to prevent accidental scratches while sharpening. Probably not necessary on a small knife but could come in handy on bigger blades. This is staged - I didn’t try it yet.
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I do this on all my blades that have an etched finish (damascus & hamons). Once I have the handles glued on, I always tape the blades up. When I get ready to sharpen, I just leave it on the etched blades.


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Next 3 I'm working on for Blade West

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52 Ford

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I pretty much wrapped up this yanagiba today. Waiting for the lacquer to dry on the saya so I can finish that. CPM154 blade, stabilized ebony, and heat colored 416 stainless steel make up this knife. It’s a takedown, and it’s my first yanagiba. Grinding that urasuki is a pain in the butt.
Nice knife!

I don't speak Japanese and I've never really learned about Japanese cutlery. So, reading your posts, I always get a laugh at the names. Like the nicknames little kids give things. :D

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