What's going on in your shop?


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30 years ago I dabbled in chainsaw and traditional carving. Just recently I have decided to get back into carving but more whimsical relief and caricature whittling. Naturally I thought I better make the tools.

Here are some small blades for whittle type knives. This 15n20 in .060” thickness.


I made a small metal basket to hold the blades in the oven.

oil quench. Get the whole thing under the surface or it flares up pretty good. This was basically heat to 1490f, quench, temp 2x at 300. Shooting for 62rc

this is a small handle I turned in black ash. Turning wood is new to me so this stupid little handle is an accomplishment for me
A hidden pin and some 5 minute epoxy and you have a carving knife C79062B1-82D7-4E54-9EDB-8D506CDAB3E1.jpeg

I am not making these to sell but FYI there is a market for custom whittling knives.

after I make a bunch of carving knives I will switch to making chisels and gouges.


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Looking amazing! Are you gonna have storage in some type of loft/attic area? Looks tall enough
I used a steep pitch for the roof but opted to go with prefab trusses so minimal storage in the ‘attic’. I went with 10’ studs on two courses of block which gives me about a 12’ ceiling. I’ll have plenty of wall space for tool storage and higher bin storage if needed. I put a shed roof off the back which will be enclosed to house a 850 gallon well fed cistern providing water for the main house.


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I hope to be moving equipment in around the first of the year.
Tell us more about the design of that shop, Opaul. I see you live in North Carolina, so I'm wondering why the steep pitch on the roof. I would expect that in heavy snow areas, but not so much down your way. Having seen your knives and your posts, I'm sure a lot of thought went into the design. Love the idea of a sizable cistern for the house.


new batch done...Changed the design a bit for nicer sheath fit...looks better, feels better, fits better...


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