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Probably better post something here. Just finished this the other day.
Flipper frame lock.
.140" Ti frame, .150" Elmax blade, bearings.
All stone washed. The blade had heat treat patina still and I thought the tumbler would take it off better. Not an issue for me but next time I'll take it off.


Nick Riggi

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Randy Lucius

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I have never been able to get that level of finish Randy! How about a few pics and description of your technique....please?
Have you seen Nick Wheeler's videos? I use a lot of his techniques and it seems to work very well. The main thing is just to take your time and don't get in a hurry. I work on several knives at a time all in different stages so when I get bored hand sanding I can go do something else for a while.
Here's a link to Nick's video. Nick Wheeler