What species? Worth Stabilizing??

Keith Willis

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As we Always say, These pictures do not do this wood Justice. Just wondering what you guys think of stabilizing? I am not quite ready but as soon as I am this will be my 1st attempt at Stabilizing. I know that 3 of these blocks are live oak not sure if they're worth stabilizing but to me they have some nice character.
I would like to know if someone could tell me what the 2 blocks to the right are? I have several more Blocks of this just not as large but plenty large enough for a knife handle. I know I still need to do some trimming and a little sanding to get them ready to be stabilize, However they are very dry. Thanks for any help



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Just a wild guess, but looking at the sheen, the pinkish tint, and the tight wavy grain it looks like Camphor to me. Does the wood have a scent? You can sometimes tell by the scent better than you can by the look. Camphor smells good, with a hint of mosquito repellent.
Thanks John, I don't remember it having any scent to it I've got a little bit more to Cut I don't think it had any smell as that. I think I will cut a smaller piece and do some finish work on it and see if it shows a little better as to what it could be
I found it, Not it makes much difference, on the Mississippi river. I live on the West side of the river from Baton Rouge It was a very large piece but there was a lot of waste as well. Hoping it turns out nice

Hey Bruce yes 3 of the pieces are live oak but the two lighter pieces On the right I'm not sure about and that may be the pieces you're talking about?

To me, it's hard to tell from the picture. It looks to have some spalting, which can change the coloring of the wood. Is it an open or closed grain wood? Do you have a picture of any bark on it?