what kind of wood is this ?

Keith Willis

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I was out looking for driftwood on the Mississippi river this morning. I picked this up and when I got home I cut it open, it is very hard, but to me it has a nice grain. The spotted side is when I cut it in half the striped part is the outside, I'm not to sure how far in it goes. I was just hoping someone may know.
It may just be junk??


God gless


Keith Willis

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Yes Mr. Doyle we have Sycamore all along the river... You are probably right
Will all Sycamore look that way inside? This piece is very dry, had a little rot on the outside

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Archer Moon

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I dont think that I would do anything to it. That wood sould be fine with just a good wood sealler on it. Great color! Might be able to trade?


I would trim it to fit a vacuum jar on my system and Stabilize it with Cactus Juice.

I really like the look of it too!

I would call it a Mississippi River Driftwood and do a theme based on either fishing or steamboats.

Keith Willis

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Thanks for the help guys. Hey George, I like the idea. May never find another piece like it, but I will be looking
Thanks again

God bless

J. Doyle

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Keith, if you send it out to K&G, it will average out to about $5 per block of wood, pretty consitently.

Walt's right IF you have over 10 lbs of wood. They charge $10 per pound finished weight of the wood. If you're under 5 lbs, it's $14 per pound finished and 5-10 lbs is $12 per pound finished. It makes sense to do it over 10 lbs. if you can.

You can figure that the wood will double in weight, also a good consistent average to base numbers on. If you weight up 6 lbs of wood, to be safe, you can figure that will go over the 10 lbs of finished weight for $10 per pound.

If you only have a few blocks you want to try...you could send them to me and I'll send them in with a big batch I'm sending in soon. I'd throw them in with mine and you could have them done for free. Just an offer. The wood will need to be dry to stabilize.

Just shoot me a PM or email if you want to go that route.

Keith Willis

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Thanks for the help guys.

Mr.Doyle I am going to try and get it cleaned up, and I will take you up on that. Just make sure when you get it back you pick out the piece you want.
Let me see what I can do with it,and see if I can get it to you in time

Thanks again

God bless

Burl Source

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Looks like the wood absorbed minerals from the water giving the darker coloring.
Sycamore takes stabilizing nicely and will be a lot easier to get a good finish.
Since it is a soft-ish wood I suggest stabilizing.