What is it called??

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DeMo, shoot us a pic of what you are describing. When I read this post this morning I thought I knew exactly what you were talking about but, try as I might I could not word the search right to pull up info or a pic of what I was thinking of!!


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I suspect that is a, or the, liner rolled over to make a collared entry. Decent sheath, but I see no reason to collar it. Just me, but I think it makes it look a little bulky, but to each his own.

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I am going to take a shot at explaining how I think it may be done!! The only way I have of showing what I am speaking of is some pictures of some rough drawings. So don't laugh too hard!

Lets say you have your sheath, the outside is the finish side and any work you want, at this point would already be done! Whether that would be carving or stamping and belt loop, as well would all ready be attached. You are going to do a liner for the inside of your sheath from a lighter weight of leather.

This picture would be the outside of the finished sheath with design on face and belt loop sewn to back. All you would have left to do if you were not going to use a liner is fold it over and stitch the edge!

Easter 027.jpg

Lay your sheath down finish side out and lay the inner liner for the sheath on top of that rough side out, (make inner liner larger all the way around). This pic is that inner liner, laying on top of the finish side of the sheath. The inner liner at this point is rough side out! The line at the bottom would be where the actual point of the sheath is laying below it. That line is just for reference it would not really be there!! Be sure to make the inner liner slightly larger all the way around. The top will need about an extra 1/2" to 3/4"!
Easter 030.jpg

Fold about a 1/2 - 3/4" of the inner sheath rough side out over the top of the finish sheath and stitch the two together. Now fold what will become the inner liner over the top of the sheath. This will create your finish side out welt at the top of the sheath.

You now have a outer finished sheath and the rest of the inner liner is glued to the backside of the finished sheath. This makes the inner liner finish side, towards the blade and when the glue is dry trim the inner liner to match the outer sheath fold the whole thing at the center line and stitch the edge of the sheath!!

I hope this all makes sense, cause this is the only way I could figure to explain what I was talking about! :what!: :biggrin:

Sorry the pics are out of focus when they enlarge it makes them our of focus!! Also not sure why that second pic is attached thumbnail I thought I deleted it after I posted it right side up, instead of the on the side pic. Oh well I hope this helps!


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DeMo, those are just lined pouch or butterfly sheaths. I think you might be making or thinking they are more complicated than they really are. As C Craft mentioned, get the sheath ready to stitch together (except the welt) just as you would an unlined sheath. Just prior to adding the welt and stitching together, lay your lining and main body of your sheath face to face. Stitch the pieces together across the mouth of the sheath about a 1/4 - 1/2" down and proceed to glue/tap/mold the fold finished by gluing the rest of the lining to the inside. Add your welt, stitch together and finish as normal.

Here are the first 2 I did for KITHs about a year and a half ago...

Good luck!
Thank you everyone for the assistance. Let me see if I understand the basics.

1. You cut a strip that will become your folded liner. Probably 1-1 1/2 inches wide. Use thin leather 2-3 oz. or so.

2. Finish your shield how you normally would. Attach your belt loop if needed.

3. On the inside of shield attach your folded liner with contact cement. Then mark and stitch the folded liner to the shield. Make sure you leave enough to fold over the shield and cover the stitches.

4. Fold over the liner and attach to top of sheath with cement. Tap/mold to fit.

5. Place your welt and finish the sheath as you normally would finish.

Sound about right??

I am going to give it a shot on the next one up.



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The lining isn't just at the throat of the sheath, it goes full length. 2-3 oz is what I used on my linings, but you should cut your lining out slightly larger than the sheath body itself. If you are adding a shield, the lining will be stitched face to face(finished side to finished side) to the shield, then glued and folded around to the inside where it is glued to the rest of the sheath.


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Like Chris said, the liner goes the length of the sheath, that why I said, Be sure to make the inner liner slightly larger all the way around and allow for the top will need about an extra 1/2" to 3/4"!

From the same thread you referenced: http://knifedogs.com/showthread.php?25501-My-new-Claude-Scott-sheath

Check this pic,

The liner goes down inside the sheath all the way!

In this pic,

If you look very closely you can barely see the stitching where the liner was stitched and then rolled over!!

I suppose you could do it part way but it is gonna show a transition on the finish side of the sheath where you stop the lining/welt and it is also a wear area now for the blade, instead of a smooth finish all the way too the bottom of the sheath!!

Besides the idea is two fold you have the welt at the top of the sheath and now you have a nicely lined sheath for your knife to slide in and out of, without the wear of the rough side of the leather!