Whadda ya mean homemade!!!???

John T Wylie Jr.

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I've never minded folks calling my knives homemade.

They are.
Right in my garage, where I live.
My home.

I actually like it when folks say "Damn, I can't believe that's homemade..."

Same here , I could care less what they call what I make , I call em knives , cause that is what they are.

When I take my wife's' homemade baked goods to work , people dive for them as they are homemade ( and darn good ) , so if someone compares the quality of my knives to my wife's baked goods , I am quite OK with that :)


Howlin' Wolf
You have to realize that most who carry knives have never handled a handmade knife. The reaction I get when people learn I make knives varies from raised eyebrows to "That's cool" to "Why don't you just buy what you want."

Because what "I" want just aint out there at WallyWorld, etc.
Maybe it's there for them, but it just ain't gonna be as good.:3:

Sean Cochran

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Something I have learned since posting the O.P.
There are two kinds of people with respect to custom knives, guys who know what a custom really is and those guys who will never know. I have stopped trying to educate the ones who dont know, and when I get a "homemade" comment I just smile and nod. I have customers who know what they are getting when they buy a custom and they just keep coming back. That is true satisfaction for a maker. I was always worried about pricing, afraid that I would price too high. This was because I was dealing with people who shopped at wal-mart or Bass pro for thier knives. After finishing a couple of knives for a customer, he said to me "I dont know how you put so much work into these for so little money" Hmmmmm......That was when the light bulb went off.
Its not worth trying to educate the masses and thats ok. The fact is some guys are going to be happy carrying the $12 Frost, and some guys are not going to be happy with anything less than a top of the line custom. Some guys fall somewhere in between.
Just my $.02