Wats the difference


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Here's a copy/paste from Tru-Grits website:
The difference between the two models is the fact that The Personalizer Plus has variable voltage - a very good thing.
I've owned both. In my opinion the Plus version is the only way to go. The base model/one without adjustable voltage simply does a very poor job of marking consistently. If the blade your marking is VERY small and THIN (as in a slipjoint blade) you can get a decent mark most of the time with the base model. If the mass is anything much larger, it simply doesn't have the power for a deep, clean mark.

Electro/chem etching is one of those things that everybody does slightly different to achieve the results they seek, so there is always a bit of a learning curve when you first start using one.

John Wilson

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I have the old model with no adjustment. I personally haven't had any problem with it at all, but I also practiced scrap steel until I got my times down. With the non-adjustable unit your results will come from a consistent approach both during the etching and then the marking. I do it the same way every time and my results are the same every time.

Rick Otts

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Thanx guys I guess when the time comes I will be spending the extra 100.00! But seeing I am always qutoing you Ed and all the great work you do I will just say Ed said to buy it :)