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Welcome back IG. Good to see you back around, it hasn't quite been the same without ya. Be sure and follow the doc's orders and don' over do things.

Screwy Squirrel

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What no zipper ? I figured with the way you cook they would put in a zipper for easy access . heal fast brother and take it easy.


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Nice looking pin stripe they gave you!

Be a good patient and follow orders from the good doc...

Glad you are on the mend!


Denny Eller

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Welcome back, Old Timer. Glad to see you made it. You can have a tat put around that scar that looks like a pole and then have one of them "dancers" hanging on to it.

Raymond Richard

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IG, Looks like another super glue job on the opening. Hope you start feeling better soon. I can still remember how uncomfortable I was after I was sent home. Take care and use your head part of the time. :D Your lucky they didn't shave off a nipple.
IG! I havent been aorund much in a year or so but I wanted to let you know i've been thinking about you and hope you have a speedy recovery!

Kevin Cross

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Welcome back IG. Listen to the doc and heal fast. Then make up some relish and weld that scar from the inside!

Ernie Swanson

Glad to see you back buddy!!!

Hope the healing is quick..................
Just eat some of that HT relish I keep hearing about and your wounds should fuse together!!!:)

Wayne Coe

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Ohhh, that was more information than I needed. I just needed to know that youre back. Denny called me while I was at Quad wanting to know if I had any info on ya. He says that he is coming to see me this week. We'll talk about you!:s12137::s12205::s12108:

Fred Rowe

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Wayne, Is your computer up and running again?

Sorry we didn't get together this weekend.:s12205:

It really went to crap after we talked.

Hope it was a good one for you.:clap: