Want to see how they cut wood knife handles??

C Craft

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OK so sitting here waiting out the storm today, and run across this!! This how they mill them!

And here is how they get the stumps out of the ground when done cutting the trees!

So maybe I stretched it a bit but, got to keep busy today!! Anyone who can appreciate fine horse power has to appreciate the 2 horse puller!! Can you imagine sunup to sundown clearing land all day long for farmland. A man appreciated a good meal and a bed after a day like that!!
Tell me the old ways weren't the best!! :cool:
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I've missed this thread until today. That's one BIG sawmill! The last steam powered sawmill in the country? That bandsaw is just slicing thru the logs. The log was going so fast I wasn't sure they were cutting, but a slab fell off. WOW!!

Looks like they'd never really tried to pull a stump before. It did get it pulled, but slowly. We always dug around the stump before pulling. Well, actually we always used dynamite - that makes the stump MUCH easier to pull {g}