Walnut blocks


I have 5 small USPS boxes with 5 - 7 dried, walnut blocks in each to give away. They are all at least an 1" thick and 1 1/2" wide. Nothing fancy, just plain unsteamed, black walnut.

I will send these out to the first 5 to respond and message me an address.
GeneK - You are a good man. I'm sure a few makers will step forward and accept your generous offer. Acts like this solidify my thoughts about knife makers being the salt of the earth.

I have all the walnut that I will use in a lifetime. I do not need any more at this time. But, I wanted to tell you thank you for being a generous fellow.

BTW: The block in the lower left looks killer!


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I'll chime in also - Moves like this is what makes the knifemaking folks such great folk. The wood on the left side is REALLY nice figure. I've got plenty of plain walnut that I cut from a tree back in '91, but nothing like that really nice wood. Somebody's going to be VERY happy.


Thanks everyone. This forum quickly became one of my favorites because of all the people here who are willing to give help to all of us starting out. Hopefully I can suck up enough of the knowledge here to help others out someday. Until then, I have 3 boxes of the walnut left.

C Craft

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Really nice walnut. It makes me think of the black walnut trees on my Mom and Dads old home place. I sure hated to see that place sold but it had gotten to be too much for them to keep up at the time!! Sometimes it is funny what triggers memories!!


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Just received my box of walnut from Gene. All I can say is thank you so much Gene.
It's going to be awhile before I can get to these but one of these blocks is going to go on a hidden tang bowie that I am planning on. It will be only the second hidden tang and the first bowie I have done. Another one will be given to a friend of mine. He was given a knife kit for a gift but the scales included were very nice looking olive but they are so pitted and cracked I seriously doubt they're usable. These will make a great set of scales for him.
I will post pics when I get the bowie done.