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Discussion in 'Ed Caffrey, MS "The Montana Bladesmith"' started by Boatbuilder, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Boatbuilder

    Boatbuilder Well-Known Member


    I spent a few days at Ed's last week and had a great time. We puttered around the shop and made a bit of damascus. Here is a piece that is ready to accordian fold out. I think it worked out nice. I also started making a handle out of some sheep horn, which I've wanted to do for a long time.
    Jim Clow
  2. Jeff Pearce

    Jeff Pearce KNIFE MAKER

    Thanks for the pictures .I would love to have the time to visit Ed. I want to learn How to make Damascus. maybe someday
  3. cdent

    cdent Well-Known Member

    Almost have a maple leaf going in the middle there. You guys are having too much fun. Definitely going to have the right look to accordian out.

    Take care, Craig
  4. Josh Dabney

    Josh Dabney Moderator

    Awesome steel Jim !

    You gonna break in the new press flattening out the accordian ?

    I'm with you Jeff... Maybe someday

  5. J. Doyle

    J. Doyle Dealer - Purveyor

    Jim, I was at Ed's the week before you were. Always a great time at Ed's. What you can see and learn even puttering around the shop is amazing. Ed's a great teacher with lots to offer. Looks like you had a good time. Are we going to see that damascus on a knife before long?
  6. EdCaffreyMS

    EdCaffreyMS Forum Owner - Moderator

    That steel came out great Jim! Josh is right, accordion folding that billet would be a fitting way to break in that shiny new press.

    I had a great time when both Jim and John were here.....I spend so much time in the shop with just my two dogs....its always a treat to actually get to talk to someone who answers back! :)
  7. Stew

    Stew Well-Known Member

    Oooh, a tile of that would be awesome. I love that sort of damascus.
  8. Jim Poling

    Jim Poling Well-Known Member

    Very neat steel guys that will look great on a knife:)

  9. Boatbuilder

    Boatbuilder Well-Known Member

    I finally got around to working on the knife I started at Ed's. He gave me some sheep horn to use as a handle. It turned out nice but I would have liked to have had more roughness from the horn. I never thinned the slabs out quite enough. Oh well, just reason enought to build another one.

    IMG_2962.jpg IMG_2963.jpg
  10. cdent

    cdent Well-Known Member

    Nice utility hunter Jim. It'll work great this fall.

    Take care, Craig
  11. Dana Hackney

    Dana Hackney Well-Known Member

    very nice, indeed

    Hey Jim,

    Both the damascus and this knife turned out very, very nice. Can't wait to see that billet after the accordion fold.
    Are you going to do a demo for us at the next S. Alberta Hammer-In?

  12. Ed is a good friend and very good knife maker, he worked with me in my shop for about two years.
    Beryl Driskill
  13. EdCaffreyMS

    EdCaffreyMS Forum Owner - Moderator


    OK folks, this is an honor beyond compare. Not only is Beryl a GOOD FRIEND, he was my mentor into the knifemaking world! Way back when I was starting, I ended up a Beryl's door, with a very ugly knife that I had TRIED to make, rolled up in an old dish towel. Beryl was so kind and generous to a dumb young kid (me) and taught me what knifemaking was all about.......he has forgotten more about knifemaking than I will every know!

    I might bear the title of "Mastersmith", but compared to Beryl, I'm still a dumb kid! :)
  14. Ed you are very kind BUT THAT ROAD GO BOTH WAYS. I knew from the begining Ed would be a great knife maker and he taught me alot also. Ed do you remember the snake head in the piece of drift wood?
    Ed my best regards
  15. Jim Poling

    Jim Poling Well-Known Member

    Good Looking knife there Jim, the handle although not as textured as you would have liked did come out very nice.

  16. moyerknives

    moyerknives Member

    Ed is a good man, I ordered his forge plans when he was doing his last tour in the Air Force and as soon as he got back into the states he sent them right out.


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