Vice - rebuild


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I rescued a vice from the trash heep, and it's a big one. does anyone have any idea what brand this thing is? there's no markings at all on it.
I don't know how old it is but I'm giving a starting guess at least 30 years. it weighs about 50 lbs.
here she is in all her worn out glory.

The main issue was the screw, it was stripped for about 4-5" in it's everyday operating range....
so I cut about 6" off the unthreaded section of the screw which will now place undamaged threads into the carriage area, the stripped threads will never go thru that section again.

Beveled the ends real good and squared the rod up.

Welded up the screw....

Ground down the weld and polished it up.....

I gave it a run thru the vice and that did it, it's back to working right now. I got the top end sand blasted and primed.
There's a few other issues with the jaw inserts and the bottom end but I'll be able to fix them.
This thing should come out looking good and ready for a new life.


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Looks like a home brew job to me. Previous owner may have used some bits and pieces from another vise, but the rest looks put together from some bent or welded flat stock.

Looking forward to see your finished rebuild.


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???? How come the jaws ain't worn?
The jaw's are only slightly beat, the screws holding them on are a little stripped so they have a little wobble, barely noticeable.
I believe this vice was used primarily to hold pipe, in the lower jaws.

Looks like a home brew job to me.
That crossed my mind looking at it closely, the guy that had it said it used to have a sticker on the side with the company's name...maybe it was a start up company that never made it. I've never seen another one like it so I was hoping someone here knew who made it.

Don Robinson

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I recognize the red color and some other things about it. Probably had a smaller one. Years ago, I bought things from import companies on the internet offering tools at prices you couldn't find anywhere else.