US Bayonet model 1942

This is an excellent example of the WWII U.S. Bayonet Model 1942. It was manufactured for the the Springfield 1903 and M1 (Garand). It is marked at the ricasso with U.F.H. FOR Union Fork and Hoe, 1942. the blade is 16" in length. This is the same length as the earlier 1905 bayonet. The main difference, aside from the year marking, is that the newer 1042 models were equipped with black plastic grips, in place of the earlier wooden grips. This sample is unsharpened. and in excellent condition. It came with the U.S. M3 Scabbard.

Troops, in the field, found the 16" bayonet to be unwieldy and difficult to use with other tasks; and so many were cut down to 10" in length for convenience. Hope you enjoy. . .