Update from ............................................ME!

Bob Warner

Hey guys,

Bet you all thought I fell off the planet.

Several people sent me a few supplies and I thank them all.

Why haven't you guys seen any knives from me yet? Well, I have been busy. I was lucky enough to get in on a welding job (several different jobs for the same guy) that has completely worn me out and is a six day a week deal. It pays like crap but it is enough to squeak me by right now. So I have had to dedicate myself to it 100%. It will be ending soon so I will have to get back in the hunt for work and making knives.

This is pretty stressful as I am sure many here can relate.

So, for those that helped me out, you have not been forgotten. I appreciate it and will always appreciate it.

I still have not taken advantage of the water jet cutting gift certificate because I have no idea what to have cut. Maybe I will just get some liner materials cut for the folder design I like but want to complete on first to make sure my design is good.

Anyway, just wanted to give an update and thank everyone for their help.

I will leave you with a couple of images of work I have recently completed. These items are for a rancher in my area so the work is varied.

Image 1 is a Hog Trap
Image 2 is a smoker
Image 3 is a cage for an air conditioner
Image 4 is a set of ramps for loading a large tractor onto a trailer
Image 5 is some horse stalls
Image six is the start of my welding trailer to carry all my welding equipment so I can be mobile a lot easier.

AND if you want to see the coolest gate in the world, I can send you a photo but I can't let it get on the web. The owner does not want it anywhere on the web, he wants the only one like it. Ya got to promise.




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Good to see ya around Bob. Hope all is well and that Santa brings you some stability for Christmas.


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Hang in there Bob! Glad to see that you are working, even if it isn't the greatest job in the world. I pray that your health will continue to improve and that you find the job you want.
God Bless!


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Nice looking work Bob. Hope you find some more fab work soon to keep the ball rollin'. Really like that smoker you built, makes me want to roll mine out and fire it up. Some brisket sure would be nice this weekend.
Best wishes,

Keith Willis

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Good to hear from ya Bob,maybe you can keep a little something
going to help keep the bills paid.I pray things will only get better
from here.

God bless,Keith


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I was wondering where you were. I'm glad you have been working and making a little anyway. Times are tough for a lot of us but we'll get by. Better times will come.
Stay in touch,