UP Date, Bowie's Hammer-in

Wayne Coe

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I just got off the phone with Ron "Bowie" Claiborne regarding this weekend's Hammer-in, October 11, 12, 13, 2013.

Wayne Coe "How I Forge a Rail Road Spike Knife".
Beyond that I don't know dates and times but I expect that the demonstrators will include:
Alex Daniel will do a wrapped handle
Lynn Landrum
Jim Batson
Bill Wiggins making a Damascus billet including Stainless Steel
Richard Williams
Jimmy Hyde forging cable into a billet then forging a knife from the billet.

Alan Longmire posted this on the www.Bladesmith'sForum.com :
Jesus, myself, and Dennis will be setting up the smelter and chopping charcoal Friday, and running it Saturday. Everyone is welcome to help with charcoal-chopping! The ore we are going to use is from one of the orebanks that supplied Pigeon Forge. Yep, it was a real forge long before it became the premier tourist trap of the Smokies.
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Wayne Coe

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I haven't been able to get a specific time for any of the demonstrations, except that I am at 8:00 Friday morning. If Alan Longmire does a Hawk demo it will be on Sunday because he is busy Friday and Saturday with the Steel bloom work.