Ultimate Bravo 1 and Accessories

Johnny Roberts

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$320 Price Drop

I was given a really nice Bark River Bravo 1 package about 2 years ago from someone who knew I loved knives. It has sat in my safe the entire time and needs to go to a good home. I am including some pics. Please send me an email if you have any questions. Cash only. No trades. Sold as a complete package.

For Sale:
Unused Bark River Bravo I - New – Never cut anything.
Black Canvas Micarta. 9 1/8" overall. 4 1/4" A-2 tool steel blade.
Black canvas Micarta handles. Full tang. Lanyard hole. Molded black Kydex belt sheath. Retails at 239.95

Unused Matching Black Canvas Micarta Fire Steel – New – Never used. Retails at 39.95

Unused Bark River Knives: Bravo-1 Leather Sheath with Fire steel Holder - Brown Normally 64.47
Unused Bravo-1 Leather Loveless-Style Pouch Sheath—Brown - Retails 39.95
Unused Sharpshooter Sheaths: Sabot--Black--Horizontal Leather Carry for the Bravo-1 – Retails 79.95

Bark River Sharpening Kit - KSF Double Sided Hone w/ Compound – Retails 41.95 This is the only item that that has seen any use. Each of the compounds has a small amount of material removed for another strop. The strop that you will get is new and unused.

If you paid what it costs originally, you would need $506.22
I will ship this to you for $320.00 in the continental US.

All the documentation and instructions that I received will be included.

Thanks for looking.

Johnny Roberts
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Johnny Roberts

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Price drop to $320.00

I need to sell this and I would rather it go to someone here than go through the hassle of craigslist or eBay.

Its a LOT of great top quality stuff.