Two Shorts I had made for my websites etc..

Josh Dabney

Took a look Laurence.

Short sweet and too the point. Quality ads for sure.

The only suggestion for improvement I can think of would be to hook up with Rock here on the forum and get him to re-design the logo for the Westside Sharpening and Cutlery part so the knife looks like the chef knife you recently posted. The one on there would encourage me too look at a Henckles or Wustoff.

You've got a pretty original style with your knifes so I think it'd be a good idea to take advantage of that strength with a custom logo for your biz that reflects that fact.

If that just so happens to plant a subliminal message in a viewer or two's mind and convinces them to see a "rhinoknife" when they think of culinary knives then so be it ;)

Otherwise very nicely done :35:


Edited for spelling and to say my 4 year old loved the ad so much we watched 4 times ;)
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Josh & Child.

I wear two hats here. Because I am serving two Markets that sometimes cross.

The logo/Video for Westside Sharpening & Cutlery Center,
is intended to give a Old World feeling for Sharpening and recon work Plus my inventory of production knives that I sell.

The Rhino Custom Knives Logo/Video is just That, For my Custom Culinary knives.

Some people will never put out the bucks for a custom, But they still love a great sharpening Job and wish to buy production knives.

My concept and Mission Statement for Westside Sharpening & Cutlery Center is in Three parts.

1)To provide the best Sharpening & Recon work possible on the westside of Los Angeles and for any that wish to post their knives to me.

2) To sell Production knives of Good to Excellent Quality at reasonable prices to the Public and Local Chef's, Line cooks Prep cooks.

3) To Design, make and sell the best possible Culinary knives I can produce with my two hands for Pro Chefs, and all others that wish to get a truly custom knife Fitted to their hand that will provide many years of enjoyment while plying the craft or cooking for Family & Friends.

With our wonderful economy I structured the business this way so I have these three avenues of income and I can help and please most customers.

Glad you like the vids and thanks for the kind words.
This may make my thinking on the logo's a bit clearer.



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Great Video's!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll have to get your autograph when I come to the shop:biggrin:. Have the blanks come back from heat treat ?


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Sure! for $50.00 I sign anything you want!:biggrin:

The blades should be here any day. They always come back from Paul Bos HT.


Frank Hunter

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Excellent, Laurence! Those are very punchy and informative video clips that really get the point across. You look to have an accessible and experienced personality and it really comes through in the video.