For Sale - Folder Two Genovese folder knives, 1x Hand engraved/Lapis inlay 1x Persian interframe/MOP


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Here is for sale two amazing two folders by Rick Genovese. The knives can be purchased separately or both at once. The hand engraved one is priced at around 1,900 usd and the MOP persian interframe at around 1,500 usd ... so the pricing is very reasonable
Both knives are new and have been only on display in showroom and expo under glass display.

The hand engraving and gold inlay on the Lapis lazuli folder is done by master engraver Viljo Marrandi, with falcon theme, and the Lapis lazuli inlay is highest quality (Mr. Genovese said it's the best lapis pieces he has ever seen) included with the knife is handcrafted ebony stand.
You can see highly detailed video of hand engraving process for this knife (also some videos of Rick Genovese's crafting process for these two knives are available)

This knife is smaller in size than the MOP persian interframe.

The persian interframe with highest quality MOP is truely exceptional knife as well and includes ebony wood stand.

If you are interested, please do not hestitate to send me reasonable offer by PM

More pics are available, thanks for looking
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