Trying my hand at some FreeCAD.


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Though I love the lines and curves, I will probably never make a kukri. However, as a CAD challenge it seemed like the best idea to give it a shot.

Let me know if you like it, or hate it. Or if you use FreeCAD and have any good pointers.

If anyone actually wants this I would be happy to provide and actual reasonable format. This is just a postable PNG file.


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There are lots of good tutorials on YT for FreeCAD. Here is one of my favorite tutor.


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Here is a quick 16 images. There are quite a few variations on the parameterized clip point, there is one near the end that looks pretty much like my opinel, definitely a cotton taster, and definitely a spey. The rest, I was just changing numbers around to see what I could get. There were literally 5 numbers I was changing, and most times I was only changing one or two at a time. By increasing the radius on the clip, I can get almost flat drop point stuff. but I think I will make one just to handle all those. Perhaps there will be a little overlap between the clips and the drops but I think I can live with that. I didn't allow for actual recurve though I could also do that, as I think I have the "how" figured out. If you can't see them on Google Photos, let me know. This is not done yet, but I will back up and call it a success!!

Notice, how I am able to generate the spring profile at the same time. All I do is change the numbers in the spread sheet and hit render. Perhaps the scales/frame/die/body shape will be a bit more convoluted. But so far, This was fun. :) Still at least another week before I get back in the shop.