Trizact belt speeds...


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I’m going to try a couple of different Trizac belts, and I was just wondering what everyone is running for belt speeds?

John Wilson

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i run the trizact gators at about 50% max. they tend to glaze when intun them too fast.

trizact also makes a woven glass belt. i use one for sharpening and run it pretty slow ~20%

John Wilson

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Any idea of belt speed at 50%? Your 50% could be waaaay faster (or slower) than my 50%
Yeah- that might have been useful information! Sorry about that.

I’m running a KMG at 3450 full speed, so my half speed is about 1800 or thereabouts at the motor. I don’t know the SFPM off the top of my head.

I don’t find speed all that critical on gator belts. They tend to glaze if I’m running them real fast, but you can sharpen them back up by dragging a corner of a steel scrap across the belt as it’s running. They go back to cutting well once you do that. Gator belts are finishing belts anyway, in my opinion.


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You are direct drive? what size is the drive wheel? If drive wheel is 4", the belt speed is slightly more than the RPM speed. At 3450 rpm the belt speed is right around 3600 SFPM.