Todd Begg Bodega

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So here are the first pics of the Bodega this is the first interboltonframelock or Boltoninterframelock either way spell check
will underline it as spelled wrong but that's what happens when you give birth to new creations.

Thats history being made right there, bolt on interframelock. I love the way that sounds.

When you work this hard you deserve a rest. Man am I tired as well, this pic is making me want to hit the sack, night all.

For those of you in disbelief here you go.

These are waiting for their turn.

Fixture me up!

Guess what these are for?

These are for our newest best friend

Here it is the [patten pending] Todd Begg bolt on lock
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Hey Mark,
Great set of pic's. thanks for posting those....
Keep 'em coming.


Now that's what I call knifemaking- I used to run a 20-tool NC mill and can appreciate- just a LITTLE faster than bench made...awesome set of pictures.


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wow thats one sweet setup! it would take me a year to do that lol way to go those pics look great!


I have one of the first 60 made with the USA mark. Mine has carbon fiber inlays that are grooved. This is the only knife I own now, had some medical bills to pay but I said the Bodega will never be sold if fact my family helped me buy it, I never could have saved that much money on my own now. I have collected a long time and consider this the finest knife I have ever owned, I carry and use it everyday. So somewhere in all those pics is my knife thanks for posting this.