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Just had a birthday. I wouldn't call myself old, but...

Day Sleep

The other day I fell asleep
While reading in my chair.
The book was one I’d just begun,
There was no problem there.

I’d slept quite deep the night before
In a bed that fits me well.
I didn’t feel the need to sleep,
But still, I dozed a spell.

This may not seem a problem
What luxury, you say.
But it isn’t right to sleep by night,
Then sleep again by day.

I once begrudged the hours
Spent in boring Slumber,
Up at dawn, gone all day long,
On errands without number.

But now I’m old and tired
And caught in Hypnos’ trap.
I can’t even read my favorite book
Until I take a nap.

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Day naps are where its at brother! I dont get to nap very often except on weekends, but when I do that is rewarding and blissful.
When your parts get older they need more down time to recover. That's what I tell my kids.

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I see that you have been a member here since 2009 so I know that you know that this is a "G" rated forum.
As of right now I see that this thread has had 57 views and one reply.
It saddens me that no one has objected to your us of God's name in such a frivolous and vulger way.
I kindly ask you to remove this post or edit out the vulgarity ASAP.

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Talk about being tired....I never REtired. I never got over being tired in the first place. :)

I liked the poem.