Thoughts on making work rest slick?


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Without oil, something reasonably permanent? I looked at the fancy 3m 5490 slick tape and love the idea, but its $130+ for 36" that is prohibitively expensive. Trying not to scratch my blanks as much when close to finishing so either putting tape on the flats, or covering the work rest. I have played with the idea of attaching teflon or uhmw sheet to the work rest but dont want do drill holes and tap them on the work rest.

Love to pick your guys brain on this, any other tapes you could recommend or ideas I would be incredibly grateful.

Basically looking for a tape that is super slick, sticks well, water doesnt affect it, leaving a residue is fine, prefer not but no biggy either way.

Thank ya kindly.


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I've considered using some nylon or some sort of plastic sheet stock (available in a variety of thicknesses) instead of the metal for my work rest. I haven't gotten to the implementation phase yet....
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make a work rest out of hdpe or uhmwpe, 1/2"or thicker should be stiff enough, 6" square piece not expensive

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You might look on eBay for surplus Teflon. I just picked up a rod of it to make into push
sticks for grinding based on a suggestion by Nick Wheeler. It's supposed to take grinding
heat very well.

Of course any surface like this will eventually get embedded grit and scratches so I'd
expect to replace it every so often.


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All the soft plastics tend to get scratched and pick up grit

How about glass, very slippery shiny just not impact resistant.


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I have G10 on one of my rests . It seams to work good .

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Make a new rest.

Mill 1/8" deep x 1/8" wide slots - 1/8" apart, on the rest so that when attached they are perpendicular to the wheel or platen that you are using. Insert into the slots 1/4"x1/8" key stock, and get hardened key stock or precision-ground and hardened flat stock if you can source it. Glue these in with some Devcon Ti adhesive or at the very least, JB Weld.

Surface grind the new matrix flat, and break the sharp edges.

Any device that you slide across this new rest will be smooth and creamy, guaranteed.