This old place...


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Welcome Kids...this is your place. Got a question about getting it here. Got a question about why you aren't getting paid by insurances (coding) post it here. Want to know what to do with all your "stuff" cause your kids don't make knives, post it here. Not for sale here...just the best way to sell it. Answer a question by a noob...not required here. Feeling over-whelmed, there are probably guys here who feel the same way and may help figure a way out. After all, 4 heads are better than one.

What isn't welcome...

1. Any mall ninja's

2. Insults

3. Any thing that distrubs the domestic tranquility of "our" place.

Who is welcome...

Anyone who has been put thru the ringer....

Anyone whose life has changed in a "minute" (you VET'S know what I mean)

Anyone who acts as a "care taker" for someone you love with a disability.

Anyone worried about getting "old".

If anyone who fits the criteria has a suggestion....make it. Let's make this place our own.,