the tuna sword

LR Harner

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so W2 steel from aldo a bit of clay and a quench in water then in parks 50 (to keep the blade from taking much arc)
gane "guard" of brass nic-silver and copper. nic-silver spacers and screw o cap

black wood is the smaller and buckeye burl is the main of the handle

the blade is 24 inches or so and over all it is 38

this is a single bevel blade used to brake down large tuna but i dressed it up a bit
the front of the grind is much like a sword but he back is hollow ground on a wheel in the 3-4 foot range (mine is a 4 footer platten)
this makes for a blade that is able to be nearly layed flat on the hones to be sharpened but also has an angle set at right around 15 degrees



Dan Pierson

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WOW! That's one impressive piece Butch. Given the fine edge I assume that it's
actually used rather delicately?

LR Harner

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i l get more pics and video posted as i go and i think this blade warrents getting a pro to shoot

LR Harner

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oo and yes the edge is built got slicing and not say mat cutting demos tho i do think that i might try my hand at making a demo cutter at some point