The random knife pictures thread...

Les George

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Les George

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Thanks Bruce, your too kind, especially considering your knives make me feel like I am scratching shivs out with a brick and a burned fishhook... :)

Steven Janik

Just got mine and I'm digging it as we speak!!
I caressed this piece at Blade and its sweeter than it looks.

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Not to take anything away from your excellent work but It turns out that this bit about the Maya calendar ending has only been located on two rock carvings. The did have a written language but all of that was burned by the Spaniards save one or two books found in Europe.

There was a interesting Nat-Geo special about this last night and all of the creditable sources said that it just starts over again and there really is no end of the world dooms day except for all the Gringo's that won't be able to sell any more books etc. after the 21st.

Very cool Knife!!